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     Faith is a beautiful non-fiction text that introduces children to the many religions of the world. It is written in very simple yet specific sentences that allow the reader to focus on the photographs.
  The photographs carry the weight of the story. The first part of the book addresses the many ways that people from around the world practice and celebrate their religion of choice. Children of different nationality and ethnicity are shown participating in aspects of their religion by praying, chanting and singing, reading holy books, listening to others, visiting holy places, and observing holidays and festivals.

The next section of the story shows the outward expression of beliefs and tradition. You see the different dress, foods and drinks that children use to reflect their beliefs. I never realized that there was so many tradition religious headdress. There's photos of a Hindu songket, Sikh Patka, and Jain girls with fancy gold headdress. They are all a interesting contrast to the "plain clothes" of a Mennonite boy.

The final section of the book focuses on all the things that religions have in common. the pictures show children respecting people and nature, working together to help others and, in my opinion, showing hope for the the future. The back of the book is filled with wonderful information that will help further a child's understanding of others and their religion. There is a color coded world map of all the countries the children featured in the story represent. It also has a section that gives more information on the different elements of faith. A vocabulary section helps explain some of the important terms in the story such as bar mitzvah/bat mitzvah, Hijab, monastery, and Shamanism.  In all, it presents a simplistic yet rich view of the world's religions.

     To me this book is a wonderful way to introduce children to the religions of the world. The sentences and pictures are simple, yet they tell a rich story. They show children of all colors involved in activities that are similar across all religions. There is a lot of emphasis on how every religion has similar components. I love the simple layout of the book. The photos with multiple children take up a whole page, you can see a large view of the activity so you feel like an observer. While smaller photos are placed on brightly colored background that frame to to create a more intimate feeling that focus on faces. I also feel that the story is leveled with the simple sentences in the beginning and the more complex "Elements of Faith" in the back. Both young and  older children could read and take away information. I loved this book and can't wait to share it with my class. I know that they will find it even more fascinating than I did!

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